Fantasy Fashion Is For Real: Dressing Up Is So Much Fun ❤

I am wearing this today for makeup class oh yaeh this is totally my fashion( totally me ). I don’t have exatly this outfit BUT i have a black check print pant that looks like this and another shirt of mikey that is white with red mickey. So yeah?

We have all grown up and have plenty of sentiments attached, when we talk of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pluto and the gang of Disney. The adventures of Disney imbibed in us morals and values, true to the soul. From being respectful and kind to one another, we have also learnt about the virtue of patience and of being honest as well. But the buck doesn’t stop rolling there. Disney taught us how to dress chic and stylish too in fantasy fashion, and believe it or not, there are models and celebrities who doll up in Disney couture.some of my pictures how i style disney outfit ❤




If you want to add more sexiness to the date and want to bring out your fashion sense, then you could wear a Mickey Mouse printed Tee with a short leather skirt with bling accessories.


For the Feet:

What do you wear when dolling up in smart casuals for Friday dressing, and should you want to flaunt your love for all things Disney- a pair of customised and bespoke slip-on Disney embossed footwear of course?



And if it’s a BBQ with a fun theme, you could wear these sandals with shorts and a tee forthe most comfort .





We could go on and on how to dress in Fantasy Fashion outfits.

Outfit details 🙂

pants :Zara

shirt: from thailand

bag : Prada

pumps : NOSE

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 A master class with Dolce & Gabbana (dolce matte )


Dolce & Gabbana ! A big name in the fashion industry we been hearing all our lives. From fashion to make-up line, you name it; the brand D & G says it all.

Paris Gallery organized a Master Class at Dubai Festival City Mall today which was headed by D&G’s Global makeup artist Mr. Massimiliano Max Della Magessa. An Italian by origin, having a smooth touch of hands; given makeover to the celebrities like, Cindy Crawford, John Richmond, Alek Wek etc. Also had an associations with brand like MAC , Este lauder and now D&G. He is also one of the major personalities in the industry,  who test the new products to launch in the market and also involved in making new textures and colors. From celebrities to fashion shows , this dude is almost every where. Cool Yeah !

Yes, Finally I met the guy at the Master Class of D&G today. A great guy, down to the earth and on top of that his work speaks more than his words. He taught us some techniques of applying face powder with a brush in circular motion which I am sure you guys think it’s not a big deal, trust me! His technique was awesome as I haven’t seen the same anywhere in any make-up tutorial or any make-up blog.  He also shared his way of filling eyebrows and also suggested us D&G perfect matte liquid foundation which he applied on a face of my friend and trust me guys, it looked flawless; having a full coverage, with a smooth look and with glowing effect, made us just WOW ! In short comparing his foundation with the normal one, the difference was quite obvious. I am up for D&G perfect Matte liquid Foundation during my next purchase!! Are you ?



Achieve a flawless, soft matte finish with Dolce&Gabbana Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation. This high performance foundation features our innovative Matte Adapt Complex™ with SPF 20, which self-corrects signs of imperfection for a long-lasting, impeccable complexion.



Ideal for those seeking a long-lasting matte finish foundation. Suitable for all skin types, especially oily, combination or shine-prone complexions.



– Evens out skin tone
– Matte-finish fluid foundation
– Matte Adapt Complex self-corrects excess oil
– Special polymers offer rub-resistant, 12-hour wear
– SPF20 protection
– Buildable coverage: medium to full
– Fragrance-free
– Wide range of shades to suit all skin tones from pale to darker complexions



Had a great time with this talented guy I must say. In fact I did mention to him that I do a lot of Blogging and hence he was all set to get clicked for my Blog, and came up with a funny pose which I I am posting for you guys !12966189_10154210552795864_1822283894_n

some lasttttttt pictures with me with this talented dude 🙂




hey guys i just checked his profile he put selfie with us on his profileeeeeeeeeeee with us  ❤  isnt it aahmazing 🙂



Sondus Al Qattan(MASTER CLASS)

I was invited to a Beauty Master Class by a celebrated Kuwaiti makeup artist Sondus Al Qattan in collaboration with Shiseido. With an Instagram following of 2 million, Kuwaiti make-up artist Sondos Al Qattan is the ideal beauty personality for an international cosmetics brand to collaborate with. The Middle East division of Japanese skincare and cosmetics company Shiseido has partnered with her, announcing a make-up master class that was on Wednesday at the Dubai Mall Paris Gallery .I have learned a lot of new techniques which proved to be very useful. A very sweet person she was and quite helpful to everyone. .. only drawback of this class was she was talking in Arabic.. but she had an  English translator as well, who explained everything very nicely.. She also introduced us Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation.

Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid FoundationBroad Spectrum SPF 20.



Reveal your beauty by responding to your skin.

A smart, oil-free, long-lasting foundation that beautifully enhances your complexion. Maintains skin’s clarity while preventing shine, creasing and fading all day long. Flawlessly undetectable like it belongs to your skin, this innovative formula with medium, buildable coverage and a modern matte, natural finish feels uniquely airy and silky on skin.

  • Formulated with Advanced Sensing Technology that creates a dynamic synchronization with your skin’s condition for a beautiful look.
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 20.
  • Mother of Thyme Extract helps prevent skin damage caused by oxidation.*
  • John’s Wort Extract helps prevent skin roughness.*
  • To use: Shake before use. Apply after skincare, smoothing on evenly from the center of the face outward and build to your desired coverage with additional has many colors as well.

The class was overall very informative. She did a nude basic eye makeup on her model and I must say that her makeup blending techniques were outstanding .Also she shared many useful tips .  let me share some of her model makeup looks and some orientation pictures.





12910559_10154180511880864_318076521_n.jpg12910795_10154180511985864_751684892_n (1)




TOIFA -DUBAI 2016 (My experience as a MAKEUP ARITST )

Glamorous celebrities, amazing protocols, glittery dresses with a fine selection of stone and crystals wrapped around them walking on the red carpet of Bollywood’s biggest awards, TOIFA – DUBAI 2016. Yes! I witnessed it all and my special thanks to ZHAUS who gave me an opportunity to be a part of their wonderful team and who happens to be an exclusive STYLING partner of TOIFA – DUBAI 2016.

 Makeup is my obsession. It requires a lot of perfection and indeed a lot of creativity. We all try to be best, in order to achieve the best! Indeed, my experience at TOIFA – DUBAI 2016 was something I always thought achieving. Let me share my wonderful experience with you guys!!


DAY 1 – MARCH 17TH 2016


Just Imagine a Crazy! Busy Day with loads of Models and Celebrities around you! Over 30 Models + Designers + Show Stoppers + Singers (Divided by) 2 Makeup Artist only = A lot of pressure yet worth taking.  It was a theme based makeover! Nude Eyes with Winged Liner, defined highlight cheeks followed by glossy nude lips. Sounds challenging yeah? All of them needed to be ready for a Ramp Walk and we were given less than 5 hours to get the job done. Let me point you all that getting more than 30 people ready in 5 hours are good enough and any makeup artist with a good speed and practice can do that! However, here in this case speed along with extra PERFECTION was required, as we were giving the makeovers to the world’s hottest superstars of Bollywood. (Salute to all the team of ZHAUS for a great team work.) 

 Being a freelancer, I simply focus on getting a job done within a decided time period. Hence, I prefer, 1 client at a time enabling me to get the job done in a desired manner. However, at TOIFA – DUBAI 2016; I have learned through ZHAUS, how to deal with tremendous amount of clients within a short period of time, yet with a great PERFECTION! I also had a wonderful experience to work with the best team members of ZHAUS.

Who I met you might wana know right ? Ahhhhh ! SRK, Salman Khan,Sooraj Pancholi,  Karishma Kapoor, Manish Paul, Miss Earth 2016, Ranvir Singh, Huma Qureshi, Ritesh deshmukh , Gautam from big boss , Faraz Manan (Pakistani Fashion Designer), Kiran Malik (Showstopper) etc.  Let me share with you all some of the pictures from the event.  Enjoy!





12515996_10154159929465864_2143517826_n10415650_442953005903290_630847552134228310_n1186166_443103345888256_83214193055875692_n934048_443103349221589_4369394268410852951_n1656247_443528272512430_5134960195019698212_n1915654_442984565900134_4674169339352790618_n1910394_443528289179095_5833639365402270809_n (1)

and some pictures with my makeup artist friends 🙂

10329308_10154145185710864_7065721033773440714_n12442759_10154160068690864_1164291285_n (1)12887315_10154160068810864_1294771363_o10441276_10154150133695864_447594839447934935_n262340_10154145184810864_2033264213150470365_n




DAY 2 – MARCH 18TH 2016

 Day was quite busy as well however there were a lot more makeup artist available hence the pressure of work was equally distributed .i dolled up some models ,celebrities and singers .and some how I enjoyed more this time as I get to spent more time on an individual as compare to the first day .Not only this I got to know that Mr Chunky Panday still a very humorous person who got stuck in the elevator did not know how to get to 36 floor hence we have made him learnt that he simply needed to punch the card on the censor of the elevator and press 3 and 6 . This would take him to the 36 floor how simple was that 😛

Who I met ?  Zarine khan ,Elle avram , Shweta Pandit, Armaan Malik, Sonali seygel, Chunky Panday and many more.



12007225_10154160151415864_1741402903_n (1)12443020_10154160150970864_1485291056_n (1)12516328_10154160150155864_2064327200_n


12516428_10154160177700864_936487667_n12527870_10154160151120864_825386438_n12596345_10154160150935864_378172585_n12895420_10154160151230864_541590343_n (1)12721650_10154160177360864_949831828_n12884483_10154160177475864_247022563_n11099616_10154160177260864_987774822_n



Bollywood awards Toifa 2016 was an experience of lifetime for me  .  it was an experience of great learning and was something I was looking forward for . I hope my blog shall motivate many of you and shall help you getting to know more about these celebrities while they are in the hands of a makeup artist  ! Trust me!!!  its not just the lighting or the DOP who makes these celebrities look good on screen as I believe a perfect eye liner can create miracles and enhance their  beauty .

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So what if I am married, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a pair of ripped jeans. Gosh, you don’t need a license to get some of these, you just need to know how to carry them, that’s all !!

We see so many fashion bloggers, trendsetters and celebrities are wearing them these days and styling themselves with some rough and rigid looks 🙂 I myself love distressed jeans .. Pulling them up, decorating them with funky badges, using fabric paints to create textures i.e. In short, you name it, you can do with your pair of ripped jeans.

I have been on Instagram and most of you guys are been following me there already. If you know my work and style, I prefer both brands and unbranded stuff. However, I strongly believe that if you have great fashion sense; you can turn an ordinary looking outfit into something totally rocking. I love to DIY my old jeans into ripped or do something totally unique, which goes with my mood and personality. I really love boy friend ripped jeans, but my luck did not favor me yet, as I have never found a right one for my thin legs. (That Sux !!) I was searching for a pair for a long time now but when I saw this one,  which I am wearing in this pictures with studs, I was in completely love with them ( guys by the way I myself DIY these into ripped) .isnt that kool >> ??

So, try them today if you can ! try to DIY them yourself, don’t be afraid that you gona destroy them ! Its worth taking a risk. Also do not forget to share with me your creation in my group !

best 1


best 3

best 4

Jeans : iconic 150 dhs

Top :iconic 80 dhs

Sneakers :  shoe mart  160 dhs



Few days back, I tried another white pair of jeans at a friend’s picnic, which I created myself. I hope you guys shall like these as well !!


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For the people out there, I’m also a freelance designer and a stylist and been practicing the same on a professional level.  I graduated from Asian institute of fashion designing Pakistan.

Why I started to write blogs ??

First of all I love to read blogs ! they provide you a great pieces of info and keep you updated I believe, Instagram and YouTube is my favourite time pass to follow my favorite makeup gurus and fashionistas…

I see now a days most of the bloggers write and focuses on expensive brands.. Oh well ! I thought let’s focus on masses!!  who wants to look good with a limited budget !! Let’s say I would love to style and write something about makeup which comes under everyone’s budget.  ( oh did I just said everyone’s budget :P) yup guys I started this blog for most of the drugstore budget and my outfits  will be also affordable for everyone J

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